We are 75% of our bodies water and 90% is in the brain where it takes place many chemical reactions, this one more time confirm that water is the primordial element for the creation of life and that we are part of a whole and we are part of the creation and we were in the primary substance within the universe, water is the main element for the essential broth or soup where life manifest itself, where the primordial element is water and it fact we know that it is the universal solvent for excellence.

Panspermia : Water is part of how life evolve in earth was the ice comments that bring life from interplanetary distances probably from far away so a bacterial spore would have to travel in a meteorite or comet before hitting a host planet and could range in the millions years, therefore if water come from out space somewhere in the universe the question is water an element from earth? or we are alien life and this alien element live with in us.

Water as a solvent

Water is a universal solvent in water are diluted almost all the substances that are taking place in human body’ core members many chemical reactions are fundamental for metabolized of all human beings organic process and we can say that all the main functions of the bodies organs are move or take place because these aquatic liquid around our cells and as a main ingredient of the many processes in the cells.

Electrical Conduct

No, pure water doesn’t conduct electricity by itself, it is a poor conductor of electricity however, water contains charged ions and impurities that make it a very good conductor of electricity.

We have always told and taught that water conducts electricity in fact this is the primary reason why water plus electricity is such bad idea as it can cause electricity shock to those who come in contact with the dangerous pair.

Liquid Crystals

According to Dr. Esther Del Rio about the existence of molecules of Crystal liquid in the water inside our bodies and also the existence of a magnetic red going though out our bodies this can demonstrate why the fast biological response at cellular level.

Liquid crystals have properties of moments, properties and optics properties of the solid crystals, make the functions as unit of storage memories and answer difference longitude of vibrations waves and this permit encode and re encode information in millionths of second, all these technologies are used for many modern advantages such as cells phones.

This energy is traveling at incredible velocity or energy moving truth out our bodies identified in other cultures with various names Chi ( in Chinese culture), Ki (in Japanese culture), Kundalini and Prana (in Hindu) and Holy Ghost we can say these crystals could come from another plane of existence and we received this energy like a battery necessary to transport this energy.

Dr. Del Rio discovered that the water molecular present themselves together forming a dedeicosahedrus with hexagonal and pentagonal faces which he called clathrates, clathrate meaning or protected by faces or gates, Dr Del Rio proposal was that in water in our tissues is for the most part liquid crystal in form of these clathrate (H20) 37, an intermediate state of matter() stable and which being a liquid crystal preserve the properties of liquids plus the properties of optical crystal and most importantly : it is capable of saving memory in other words liquid crystal maintain all the motion properties of liquids, these crystals works as memory unit or microchips.

According to Dr Del Rio these electromagnetic waves or our bodies’ electricity can not be transporter in regular water and how come these crystals transport this type of energy.

Water Applications

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Moistes tissues such as those in the mouth, eye and nose.
  • Lubricate joints
  • Protects body organs and tissues
  • Help prevent constipation
  • Lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products.
  • Helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients to make them accessible to the body.
  • Carries nutrients and oxygen to cells.

All life on earth uses a membrane that separates the organism from its environment to stay alive the organism takes in important materials for making energy while shutting out toxic substances such as waste products.

What is the function of water in our bodies organs and tissues all they need water for the proper working and when we lose water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, so is very important take the necessary water, if not we start feeling bad, another function of liquid crystal within the body is related to the recovery of damaged tissues since it reestablish the correct information sequence between cells reversing the corruption that rise the incorrect.

Being attentive to the amount of water you drink each day is important for optimal health.

15.5 cups of water (125 ounces) each day for men

11.5 cups (91 ounces) daily for women


our bodies use water in all its cells, organs and tissues, help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily function such as protect tissues, spinal cord and joints, remove waste and other more functions, we can also say the body can be bonded with the special kind of aqueous liquid helping in the cells functions of the cells. Water can not conduct electricity, however water contains charged ions and impurities that makes it very good conductor of electricity, and if we think deep in chemistry in reality water does not allow passing electricity current passing through it and it is proof that water only able to conduct electricity due to the dissolved ions and impurities within

Human bodies have many mechanics inside our body telling us how the life in our body is, probably we have these crystal transmitting and communicating primordial information for life.

How them these crystal are replaced and create and preventing them for drying and keep our bodies healthy, the method created by Dr Del Rio started with purified water liquid crystal water can be obtained but need be done with the precision devices he explained colloidal or (his higher density, it weights more than normal water it is slightly cloudy due to precipitation of ferric salts that have not added but are part of natural water it has no odor and always keeps fresh with this type of water an electrolytic contribution can be given to the tissues that improves the functioning of the organs, the calls are connective tissue is reorganizing improving in all cases the quality of life.

Dr Del Rio has come to the conclusion that cancer is an emotional problem and that is why the results with liquid crystal water are very good and people improved when the emotional recovery of the patient is archived, also in cases of autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, they claim to obtain excellent achievements. Dr. Del Rio also recommends that is enough to ingest two glasses of water liquid crystal daily.

Our organism is a large computer with a liquid crystal display that is related to the exterior and interior as well to the hard disk which is the brain -giving responses in millionths of a second thanks to the systems of liquid crystal magnetic making us virtual cybernetic and integrated into a large network of internal and external electromagnetic lines connected to the universe, furthermore it can be said that all human beings are interconnected through a liquid crystal magnetic(internet lines) with the universal mind.

We benign saying that are composed of water and can conclude that without this water life is possible is what keep us alive and it is a network of energy that connect us as a universal whole.