The sun our star is the source for life in earth here are few things that the sun does for our planet:

  1. The sun warms our seas
  2. Stirs our atmosphere
  3. Generates our weather patterns
  4. Gives energy to the growing green plants that provides the food and oxygen for life on earth.

Scientific says we are at the perfect distance for the existence of life, there is not life without the sun, how can be so harmful without the right protection and so beneficial with the right amount of exposure.we are all make of from the same primordial material that all thins were made in the universe, therefore human beings are profound affected by the sun and our human bodies were designed to be on the sun and be in contact with nature, to the extreme that if would live in a different solar system around a much different star than the sun our plant and our bodies could be much different that we look today, for example the chlorophyll in plants could be red or purple instead of green, our color of hair or skin could be different too.


It is amazing how nature works and how with are connected to that even ancient civilizations worship the sun as a god because the notice that without it crops to obtain food will not exist, and even today people feel a great connection with the sun this is telling us that primitive people was not wrong about

How ancient civilizations begins to worship the sun because they believe was a supreme god plants can not move like human to look for food or for hunt for animals their only source of energy is the sun how they produce energy and obtain energy for the sun, this energy trap in plants, fruits and vegetables give human energy also coming from the sun .


  • Production of vitamin ” D”

The boost of the vitamin D is one of the best-known beneficial sunlight is the only vitamin that is produce directly from sun exposure, vitamin photosynthesis is essential for the whole body especially for bone strength with only 15 minutes of sun exposure provide with all the vitamin D that we need.

  • Enhances mood

Human bodies ment to be outside in the sun, an outdoor activity under the sun make people feel better and have more energy the effects of the sun light make increase levels of chemicals in the brain linked to improve mood and sleep better such as serotonin, which levels are higher in the summer.

  • Treats seasonal depression

When winters come people need or have the necessity of sunlight longer periods without sunlight trigger depression and make them have symptoms of bad mood, overeating, tiredness and sleeping too much and be away from people make them be unfriendly.

  • Relieves stress

Exposure under the sun make people happier and therefore relives stress by only walking the dog or by getting out in the fresh air.

  • Improves Sleep

melatonin is a chemical in our brain which tells the brain when it is time of sleep them how impacts the sun exposure our sleep by increasing levels of melatonin our brains are program that as soon is getting dark your brain start producing melatonin.

  • Blood pressure

Vitamin D help the whole health including lowering the high blood pressure therefore prevent heart disease, UV rays have the power to lower blood pressure when sunlight hits your skin and body process nitric oxide and them releases it into your blood vessels lowering blood pressure.


How to take the sun or be expose under the sun correctly? many sunlight therapies can guide us to do this for example:


Sunbathing is one of the most pleasant activity that humans can enjoy and for the whole well-being, a beautiful sunny is the perfect excuse to go outside and only by taking a little sunbath of 15 minutes our whole body start feeling more energetic, sunbath therapy have been in use from ancient times due to the so important results in some diseases.

We already know how beneficial can be the exposure of the sun rays but need to be done in the correct way.

  1. First thing is not to take it in a very strong sunlight.
  2. Second as soon your start to sweat, your should stop and move away.
  3. Very important cover your head with a wet towel.
  4. Wear underwear or light cotton clothes
  5. Lie down or sit in the summer 10 or 15 minutes, in the winter 20-30 minutes
  6. Drink plenty water and keep hydrated during sunbath.take a bath with water.
  7. Do not eat anything after taking a sunbath and do not eat anything 2hrs before taking a sunbath.
  8. People suffering from heart ailments or are allergic to light should not take a sunbath.


When we received sunlight heat us and it shines in our auras and radiates enter in every nerve, cell, gland and muscles, color is an active power from the sun and influence our soul and spirit.

An ancient says said that we are vibration and if our bodies became out of balance disease occurs therefore this means that within our bodies, in our organs and deep in our cells all they have a level of vibration and colors also have a unique own frequency and vibration.

Color and light haven been use used for healing out of energy bodies for example one of the first ones were the ancient Egyptians with solariums-type rooms with colored panes of glass them the sun would shine through the glass and flood the patient with the healing power of colors.

Uses of chronotherapy

  • colored silk cloths, placed on the body and then flooded with sunlight.
  • Colored gels and sheets of glass to apply light to the body.
  • Colored infused water and color meditation to send healing rays to the person.
  • A box with a mechanism that flicker light into the eyes for recovery people with stroke and chronic depression.
  • Used of colored sunglasses.
  • Feng bringing color into the homes and workplaces for balance of energy.


Sun’s frequencies and rhythms affect us biologically, Ultra-violet rays is just one frequency of light, but one of the most important one, the best known benefit of sunlight exposure is the production of vitamin “D”, but in reality benefits from the sunlight are greater.

Heliotherapy had been used and proved that improve many help conditions such weak bones, arthritis, skin disorders such as acne, eczema and healing powers in tuberculosis, lupus vulgaris, depression, seasonal depression, dementia

When natural sunlight is not available there are artificial sources of ultraviolet visible or infrared light radiation like the use of a light therapy box or lamp that can mimic natural sunlight.

Light therapy box is used to treat Sesonal Effective Disorder (SAD) that occur most of the time during the winter effective brain chemicals linked to mood and sleep also known as photo therapy.

When sunlight is not available

  1. Get the right light therapy box, the one designed to filter good UV light.
  2. Plan a daily routing (sit near the box on a table or desk to work or watch TV).
  3. Timing, keep the time do not use it when is no necessary.

When sunlight is available

  1. First hour in the morning
  2. Relax sit comfortable
  3. Start with 5 minutes sections
  4. Every two days increase 5 minutes until reach 20 minutes at max

Sun- Gazing

Look directly to the sun and gets its energy, this practice is not only to receive the physical benefits to our bodies it goes beyond of the rest of therapies, people who practice sun-gazing have a deep connection with the sun in a more spiritual manner, it is like be one with the sun.

Sun-Gazing is a beauty act to be in contact with nature by walking barefoot on the grass and feel its rays penetrating our bodies like plants do by receiving its food and energy for life directly from the sun.

Also, the brain can be active by sun-gazing and awake powers that human already have and connect us to higher levels that can enter the human eye, human normally eat secondary sources of energy by eating vegetables and fruits and other plants, sun-gazing brings the idea to learn how to take or absorb energy from the primary source like is the sun itself going to the brain and the retina also the pineal gland are excellent recipient of energy from the sun and them to the rest of the internal organs and all your trillions cells.

How Sun-Gazing

  • In the first day do it only 10 seconds by looking directly at the sun and do it during the safe hours one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset.
  • Practice it anytime of the year.
  • When your staring at the sun visualize the energy coming from the sun into your body and reaching all your cells with rejuvenating energy.
  • Be in contact with earth, stand barefoot on bare earth, this connection charge your with the energy of the earth and the sun.
  • On the second day use 20 seconds after that add 10 seconds each day.
  • Continue this until your reach 44 minutes and take between 9-10 months to start seeing the benefits ( discontinue if your feel discomfort).


The healing power of the sun had been used for centuries and life it is not possible without sunlight, early human star noticing these powers from helping earth’s life cycles and plants, move the oceans and provide us with the food chain

to the productions of vitamin D and help in lot of biological process curing many health conditions.

Plants have specific organs in their cells that convert sunlight to food energy through, but human have their own photosynthesis and can get sun energy directly from the sun.

Eve though the excessive exposure to the sunlight had been closely related to harmful diseases at the same time sunlight have numerous benefits to human being when is used in moderation. We are at the perfect distance from the sun only take 8 minutes to received the light from the sun creating direct warmth and the atmosphere retaining and distributing that heat allows plants and animals life to thrive on this planet.

We have been evolving under the sun and will continue to do it now we know the many benefits and how to be expose with safety to enjoy our sun for many many years ahead.

Alternatives to take sunlight

  1. Exercise outside
  2. Walk outside for 30 minutes
  3. Open the windows while you drive.
  4. Park your car far away to walk to building entrance.
  5. Eat a meal outdoors
  6. Take vitamin D supplements
  7. Invest in UV lamp
  8. Eat food rich in vitamin D.


Vitamin b deficiencies

kidney diseases

Addison disease

Heart disease

Allergies to the sun





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