Human beings always have show sings of care about their appearance and how they look and find ways of how look different from one each other.

We had found ornaments and jewelry used for the first humans in different part of the world showing not Mather where humans develop they care about how they look, for example paint of their faces was a kind early form of cosmetics.

With the past of time ancients civilizations like Egyptians had already discovered property of plants and they were elaborating cosmetics creams, lotions and perfumes.

Another ones believe or imaging a magical place with magical waters if we drink it or bath in them we will become youth again or stop aging.

What really scientific said about aging

Aging is a natural process which happens in all living beings, but really all happen at cellular level, when the cells’ division occur and the creation of new cells which is a complex process takes place, we need to look closer in order to know how our cells age.

According with Dr. Sandra Kaufman we are made of cells and we age because our cells age, therefore we need to change our perspective from organs to cells’, our skin is an organ is we need to know what happen in our skin, how Dr. Kaufman said we need to pay attention what our skin cells are doing.

Dr. Kaufman had identified seven categories of cellular process, therefore to defeat aging or at less decelerate the process of aging we need to take in consideration each of the seven categories and how maintain these seven categories working properly for the health of our cells’.

Dr. Ryan Shelton had found on his part what he calls the closest compound to the fountain of youth, his special compound consist of combination of three different kinds of peptides, peptides has become very popular in skin care nowadays and what can really do for your skin is increase the production of collagen which make your skin looks younger, healthily , firm and smooth, unfortunately we can keep collagen for ever for this reason applying topical peptides is a great defend against aging.

Peptides is something which exist naturally in our bodies and applying the right combination of them like the one Dr. Shelton has found, one kind can signal the skin to repair itself.

Today science shows more natural ways to repair our skin with substances even which our own body produce, if we want use more natural ingredients available in nature and avoid chemical which can cause even more damage to our skin we are going in the right direction with more brands available in the market with the same results but safely for our skin.


Science in cosmetics

science is more concern in the cosmetics industry now than before taking time to what really is harmful to the skin and body, because skin is a connection with the external environment and everything apply to our skin goes to our blood stream.

With the boom of non-toxic cosmetics brings confusion with different terms about natural, organic, vegan, holistic, green or clean cosmetics but the reality at the end the decision is yours what to chose at least we have scientific evidence which appears to support avoiding many toxic ingredients in cosmetics, not all is bad news for example industrial use of coal tar products has been linked to cancer; however coal tar have been used in dermatology topically, to treat psoriasis and eczema, for years without any increased rate of skin cancer or internal cancers, therefore is not time yet to toss our cosmetics bag more studies are needed to back up associations between low-dose topical exposure to many of these chemical and human health said Molly Wanner, MD and Neera Nathan, MD, MSHS at Harvard Health Publishing.


In a world where everything or almost everything have to be instantaneous, because moderns days demand be or do things faster we can say cosmetics are not the exception, but we have a great savior compounds like serums.

Cosmetics serums can carry in their compositions or sustained concentrated products, they can be based on water or oil and one of its wonderful property is rapid absorption and the ability to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and with non-greasy finish and its light weighted effect can left heavy ingredients and heavy metals out.

Based in these properties, serums can be a super antioxidant, anti-aging, hydra tors, anti-inflammatory and can treat acne.

According to Dr. H Murad he always included the following ingredients in his formulations and most important serums are:

Type of serums

An anti-aging serum with peptides can improve the appearance of the skin of crow’s feet, radiance and firmness and 97% of improvements in fine lines, skin texture and clarity.

An antioxidants serums can be from vitamin c, grape seed protecting us from sun damage and fighting free radical.

A good anti-inflammatory serum can have zinc, arnica, aloe Vera and golden seed which help also to cell damage.

Hydra tors Serums contain ceramides, amino acids and essential fatty acids which strengthen the skin’s barriers and help to build strong cell membranes.

According to Dr. Carlos A. Charles, founder and medical director of Dermal Di Co lore, recommend, how serums leave out many heavy ingredients found in moisturizers, serum have a much higher proportional concentration of active ingredients” is better used with a moisturizer for better effects.


Now we know where the fountain of youth is, is not a magical place, but inside our human body which posses incredible abilities in our cells to repair, create and protect our organ cells therefore also our skin’cells.

Scientists have discovered which process in our cells are related to active properties found in plants and we can recreate natural substance in our bodies, for example: according to Dr. Kaufman aloe Vera a millinery plant has a close relation with the seven process of keeping our cells healthy, one of its 200 biologically active substances influence DNA function, contain antioxidants to help at mitochondrial level, help the immune system, is a mild hypoglycemic agent and in the skin stimulate fibroblast which produce the collage and elastic fibers for more elastic skin.

At the same time that we take care our cells is also necessary to protect the external part our skin incorporating anti-aging habits in our lifestyle such as:

  • Protection against the UV radiation
  • Cleanse and moisturize regularly
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do not pull the skin
  • Do not use harsh products

The transition will be no easy but step by step we are moving to more natural ingredients in personal care and cosmetics products we have the knowledge and every day more options in the market the decision is ours.


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