Product Information

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

PRICE: RANGE BETWEEN $700.00- $200.00


BENEFITS: Key benefit Moisture- Magnet


My skin was not exactly the most perfect or at least the most properly care due to I was using different creams and lotions I used to try one cream for a different concern with the mix of creams, lotions and other cosmetics of actually different brands for result of that my skin was suffering getting more irritation, clog and far from fix all the concerns, targeting real concerns of my skin need more go crazy buy many creams that sometimes I do not even use.

Re-Evaluate My Skin Concerns

When you have a crazy skin care routine it is time to ask for help and consult an expert or look for advice in many beauties and sometime is good idea to look in the brand name website for example Estee Lauder websites with its Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair that is the product in this review

What They Promise

  • This face serum maximizes the power of the skin’s natural nighttime renewal
  • Have an exclusive chronolux CB TM
  • Have a powerful antioxidants plus hyaluronic acid moisture magnet to help the skin lock in moisture.
  • Lines and wrinkles look significantly reduced more 75%
  • Based in a research women felt their skin looked more youthful in just for weeks.
  • Skin feels smoother hydrated stronger
  • 82% felt their skin was immediately hydrated
  • Skin looks younger, radiant and more even toned
  • 83% felt their skin looked healthier, fresher, more rested in only four weeks


Supports the natural synchronization of skin’s repair and protection processes to help the skin look younger, overtime you will see a dramatic reduction in the visible signs of aging including lines, dehydration and discoloration plus a combination of night- repair, at night growth hormones are stimulated while you sleep, allowing repair of damaged cells’ and while new cells’ growth and skin recovery while sleeping we have warmth and increased blood circulation to the skin which cleans away waste products and brings more hydration and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin.

Levels of the stress hormone named cortisol falls during sleep which help skin repair daytime damage, the body makes more collagen which minimizes fines lines more human growth hormone is released, increasing muscles mass and strengthening skin.

Circadian rhythms are periods of biological activity that occur when you’re awake and asleep, controlled by the way the body’s biological clocks responds to light and dark.

What the skin does at night

  • Skin renewal rate almost double
  • Collagen production rises

  • Cell damage reverses

  • Body temperature rises causing more water loss through skin

  • Melatonin production rises repairing UV- induced damage.

  • Peak hours 9:00pm- midnight.


Among of the ingredients in the Estee Lauder advanced I notice there a lot of moisturizers and we can group the moisturizer such as:

  • Bifida Ferment Lysate; It is indicated for skin sensitivity (redness/acne/dryness) and help to maintaining a health skin barrier anti-inflammatory response.
  • Lactobacillus Ferment: Skin barriers
  • Cola Acuminata (Kola) seed Extract Improve circulation and reduce swelling, fluid retention, reduce the appearance of stretch marks the terpenoids found in gout kola also increase collagen production, wound healing, anti-flammatory also is detox
  • Caffeine: Antioxidant (slow s down photo aging process plus wound healing promotes micro circulation)
  • Tripeptide 32 is a synthetic peptide made with 3 amino acids’ praline, serine and threonine, what it does tripeptide 32 have water- binding properties that means it keeps skin hydrated by preventing water-loss.
  • Sodium Rna: Skin conditions plus might we anti-aging (down regulation of elestace an enzyme that degrades elastic).
  • Bisabolol: anti-imflamatory and also treats hyper pigmentation.
  • Squalance: Naturally produced by the body (SLOWS DRAMATICALLY AFTER AGE 30) repairs deeply moisturizers and has anti-aging benefits.
  • Yeast Extract : contains anti-irritation and environment stress, anti aging ( boost collagen production hydrating ( act as humectant)
  • Anthemis Noblis:anti-inflamatory

We can group the ingredients as moisturizer due that this serum is a cocktail of moisturizer and humectants with skin barriers and water loss also another cocktail of potent anti-oxidants anti-inflamatories peptide anti-aging and vitamin E.

The Serum Havoc

  • Some ingredients such the Kola extract can cause side effects like headache, upset stomach and dizziness, skin irritation.
  • One cons is that some people find it expensive
  • For some people it did it work as they promise

How to Use it

Advanced night repair has the restorative power of night to deliver visible renewal it works night and day to help the skin to maximize its overall natural rhythm of repair and protection.

At Night- Every Night

While you sleep the serum help ignite skin’s natural nightly repair process fast with a high level of hyaluroric acid helps to lock in moisture for 72 hours this help to create the perfect environment to optimize skin’s natural repair process which is or promotes skin’s natural renewal of vitals cells’ and boost its natural production of collagen.

During the day- every day

At day time helps to protect skin from environmental stress and damage causes by sun, pollution, ozone, blue light, infra- red, micro dust and the rest of the environment elements an important past of the skin ‘s owns daily rhymes, provide all day defense against environmental assaults and help keep skin looking younger longer.

Daily ritual

Apply this face serum on a clean skin, before your moisturizer AM and PM use one drop smooth in gently all over face and throat.

Heart Ritual from Estee Lauder

  1. Apply a full dropper of Advance Night Repair to the palm of your hand.
  2. Massage onto face in a heart shape using all finger of both hands
  3. Start at the center of your face and move out the ears.
  4. Glide hands from sides of face down under chin.
  5. Next trace a large heart from hiddle forehead out temples. Glide down the sides of the face and close the heart again under the chin.
  6. Finish the heart ritual by gently massaging onto neck in a downward motion.

    The Verdict (My Opinion)

    For me was a great experience, excellent product with all that mix of moisturizers and make your skin glow I think the very first day and you star seeing the changes the first two weeks, my skin bounce with more refresh and younger looking and also luminosity and shinning look and with more blood circulation, I GIVE 100% rate.


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