Food has been since early human our source of energy and is one of our necessity for survival and without doubt most pleasurable activity, eating pleasure not only include smell and taste but link emotions and social activities. Who have not enjoyed a delicious meal with family and friends or simply a snack in from of TV. Food make us feel emotionally, with a special food that make us remember special occasions and make us happy or sad .

Melting our mouth with a piece of chocolate, food evoke such as pleasure that chefs nowadays are using new techniques from molecular gastronomy and g astrophysics make innovative meals with delicious original texture and flavors and understand better that all food stimulate brains reward center.

The counterpart of a named “junk food” or death food that bring so much pleasure is eating live food or bio energy food.

Food relate to energy

Food storage energy that human’ body need its complex chemical reactions or process, how this energy comes into plants, fruits and vegetables might look simple but in reality is very complex in short photosynthesis is energy from sun converter into simple carbohydrates, like glucose and carried out in chloroplasts present in plant cells, and also covert some glucose into starch and other macro- nutrients such as proteins and lipids.

There is a strong connection from sun energy and food (sun is life, there is no life without sun) , biophoathons: is smaller physical units of light which is stored in and used by biological organisms. Photons of sun brings energy that penetrate soil, plants and animals and them become energy for every living being.

All energy even energy you used walk, talk and read comes from solar heat and its force is transformational by earth and our body there is a link between every living being and sun therefore this energy is contained in food.

The relationship of food and energy they storage, goes beyond food calories, protein, fats and other macro nutrients, it is pure light or messages that food sends our body.

Power in food

Has been an evolution in food in recent past years that help understand that it is necessary eat more pure energy in food that is alive. Some scientists even states that amount of light that body consumes is more important thanqua lity of food’ nutrient content itself.

Human being need food for survival and also for pleasure by eating more food with light inside more sastifing and gratification they feel not only indulge and pleasure center in own brain but in our whole body and deep in our cells.

Chemical sunlight at 52-320 MHZ

Wheat Grass

Phytoplankton, Chlorophyll, essentials oil, flowers

The Super Food at 15 MHZ

Raw chocolate, sea weed, almonds, raw cacao, spirulina, lemon, Gobi berries, mags teen, limes

Food from trees at 65 MHZ

APPLES, BLUE BERRIES, coconuts, avocados, melon, raspberries, pineapples, mango, strawberries, bananas, peaches, lychee grapes, cherries, oranges, raw nuts dates.


Cabbage, lettuce, spinach, peas, kale, cauliflower carrots,

Beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes, yams, beans, roasted nuts


Eggs, cheese, milk, cream, whip, butter, lard, cake, cookies, scone, donuts, dairy, baked goods, pudding, sauces with dairy, dressing with dairy, drinks with dairy.


Hot dogs, burgers, pizza, meat burrito, steak, poultry, pork, dead animal, tissue, lamb, duck, veil buffalo, turkey, shrimp, lobster, and bottom feeders

Feel joy and happiness eating food that is alive, this way we are going to have less craving for sugared food and fatty or junk food that are not healthy, if we eat more food that is alive more energetic and healthy we are going to be, but how start little and little changing our diets and introducing more food that is alive and less death food, here is the energy pyramid.

Eating Prana

Food is not just matter or simply act of eating feel pleasure and full our stomage, it is also a link, between people and environment (yogic tradition called prana all energy contained in food or life force).

Prana as a universal energy exists not only within our subtle body channels, but all around explore how sense and consciousness direct prana in body is breath it in environments around you like in all nature.

Prana is an energy that pulses through body along a network of subtle body channels similar central nervous systems same way to rest of living organisms such as plant, flowers fruits .

Eating prana (life force) is eating food specially plants, fruits that absorbing sunlight nowadays we value food by macro nutrients (proteins, carbohydrate and fat and by micronutriets such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements enzymes but never by its life force that it contain in photo protons or light in form electromagnetic frequency.

The capacity to store bio photons is therefore a measure of quality of food. We can state that more sunlight food is able store higher quality and nutritional value it has.

Raw Diet

Now we know that raw food is for excellence one contained more life force and higher quality, however some diets are not considered complete vegan and include raw animal products or raw or dry meat as well.

Raw diet can include, raw fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables soaked and sprouted others legumes and grain, raw nuts, and seeds raw nut butter, such as peanut butter and almond, coconut milk, nutritional yeast, green food power dried wheat grass or algae.


In a raw diet some tips are soaking, dehydrating and juicing food and diet included heated beyond a certain temperature usually 104 to118F though figures to only heating allowed is with a dehydrator, which is a device that blows hot air across food.

Soaking beans and grains in water eating sprouted beans rather than whole grains juicing fruits and vegetables or making smooths.



Rawnola : is a raw version of granola made from walnut, pecans, dates, flashed, chia seeds, and old-fashioned oats, and fresh fruits.

Snack : raw green smoothies example: bananas, kale spinach, blueberries, and many other fruits and vegetables.

Lunch : raw cauliflower,”fried” rice with cauliflower, broccoli, edamame beans and peppers.

Dinner : raw pad- Thai salad with peppers, peanuts, and zucchini.

Desserts : raw vegan lemon cheesecake.


Food is intimate relate to energy in form of sunlight and therefore this energy past to human when we consume this food, when we eat food that is alive.

All we should know how eat more food that is alive and it looks like little by little people start to be prepared and consuming a large of variety of food with more energy and at to same time receiving more energy that they need, not only food has become medicine and cure for many deceases but also a matter of bringing people together and also this pure energy joy, taste, feelings, colorfully and en richness for to long term relationship of energy from to sun with humans.


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