Nowadays serums are more popular that ever and use not only for the face but many body parts such as hands and why not for the whole body and for many skin concerns.

This popularity is due the powerful effects that serums brings to the skin, they are light, absorb quickly into the skin, highly concentrated and only need it in small amounts for delivery powerful concentrations of its ingredients that are many and the most expensive exotics combinations.

The same pamper and benefits your face received from a wonderful powerful serum, why not do it for the whole body because are bodies’ skin has the same necessities as the face does, for example body exfoliation is very necessary for the whole body another in the list is anti- aging properties and according Farrell Shannon(2015) the need of moisturizers unlike body moisturizers that can feel heavy on the skin especially in warm weather, body serums have the same breathable texture as face serums, drying instantly blended into the skin leaving your arms and legs and hydrated without looking oily or heavy with heavy moisturizers like petrolatum due to serums are water of light oil based.

Type of serums


    A face serum is the most important extra step in a face skin care regime, and also use to alternative not only in addition to cream or lotions due to their molecules are able to truly penetrate the skin and hydrate on the deepest levels and target specific face’s skin concerns. In our face a serum can be use as alternative or in addition to creams or lotions. Face serums are the most manufacture due to they give more important to the face and its skin concerns, such as wrinkles, dark spots dullness, sagginess, hydration and brightening, woman especially worry about the appearance of face skin first that other parts of the body, face serums can have an imaginable ingredients combinations and contain a range of useful nutrients in general most contain anti-oxidants, vitamin C, A, E.


    It is very common that we only concentrate in faces skin concerns and forget about other parts of the body like hands, usually hands do not match with the face due that we take care face first that hands and sometimes we can guess the age of a person only looking to their hands because they wrinkle also and hands are equally important in society and in professional life we shake hands and why not hand- kissing is not out fashion in general people pay attention to the appearance of hands also like Anita from her website Bath and Beauty Health Buzz, Wellness in her special recipe and none guess her age.

    1/4 cup of lemon juice

    2 Tbsp Sugar

    2 Drops of Licorice root extract

    2 Tbsp Olive oil.

    A good anti-aging serum is the best for hands.


    Serums for the body offer a great combination for body parts such arms and legs and for the whole body because delivery more active ingredient to skin equally like face serums, face serums can be use in the body also can have the same ingredients of body lotions but in higher concentration.


    For the same reasons mentioned before foot serums are wonderful for feet calm, moisturizing, severe dry, cracked or callused feet also reduce infections and odor.

    Body’serums ingredients


    Exfoliation is so important for the body because improve circulation, detox, increased hydration, cell turnover an strengthen especially with no harsh scrubbing ingredients such lactic acid, xylitol, probiotics extracts.

    Dry skin and moisture loss

    A blend of essential oils plus argan oil and vitamin E help for dry skin and redness, equally important is a blend of Omegas 3 and Omegas 6, ceramides 3, pomegranate steroles delivers elasticity and moisture and also protect from environmental stress. A recommendation look for a formula of PPAR activator: they are little substances stimulating the skin’s natural renewal cycle, look for elastomer, and products that will lock in moisture.

    Dark spots and brighten

    Japanese pearl – satin smooth, hyaluronic acid help with dullness and uneven skin tone vitamin C, green tea, papaya enzymes gives brighter skin.

    Anti- Aging

    Water lily extract triggers cellular renewal also getting rid of dry, flaky cells leaving radiance younger looking skin, sunflower, orange, lemon oils. For sensitive skin need a dermatological tested same as your normal moisturizer, gentle on the skin.

    Skin tight

    Hyaluronic acid, LHA, and essential oils such as; jojoba, sunflowers, rose hips and apricot kernel produce firmer, smoother and more radiance skin. For firming and rescuing look for one with minerals, amino acids, peptides and enzymes.

    How to use serums and risks

    • Choose the right serum : Not all the serums are created equal choose to accord your skin concerns or the one you feel comfortable in texture with skin type, the lighter consistency is the best or sometimes milky or creamy in texture can be use as skin preparation before body lotions or oil based ideal for mix them with other body oils.
      • The serum goes first; after a good cleansing like shower and exfoliation in order to get the best for the active ingredients from the serum, never after moisturizer or thinker creams and oils because create a layer and do not permit the serum go deeper under the skin.
      • Use a gentle massage; After take a shower pat the skin but ensure it is still damp and according to estheticia Enrique Ramirez a gentle massage can help to improve circulation and oxygenation in the skin.
      • Allow the serum penetrate well; Wait to full adsorption is very important because waiting enough time until you are sure that serums have fully seeped into your skin, this prevents pilling when you apply other products like moisturizer or sunscreen.
      • Mix and Match; Serums and oil can be blend together and the ingredients work perfectly because each one target a different concern, according to board certificate of dermatology Craig Austin, if you need to target a dark spot vitamin C serums goes well with a squalene serum for hydration.
      • Three is the magic number; It is normal that you start adding different type of body serums to your regimen, but estheticia Enrique Ramirez founder of Face to Face NYC, suggest three is the number because putting more products not only is time-consuming and probably reduce each ingredient to properly adsorbed by the skin also a multitasking serums is great idea.
      • Consistency is key; Always start with lighter serum is easily and quickly adsorbed.
      • Choose your combination carefully; Go first with the combination you need the most, if you the biggest concerns are dark spots and sings of aging apply vitamin C or retinol serum first, cocktalling is the best solution and also can be an opportunity to create your favorite combination.
      • Avoid dangers -best done at night; Avoid dangers mix like mixing peels, retinol, or acne treatment use them alone or first says David Pollock beauty chemist.


          Body serums are here for stay forever and are going to be a great evolution for the body skin because like serums for the face offer a great way to deliver more active ingredients to the skin with even more varieties in the market every day, body skin will be regenerate and finally the whole body including arms, legs, back hands, foot will receive the same pamper and treatment they deserve.


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