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Welcome to my website where together we are going to take a journey to rediscover the world of cosmetics such as natural, organics, new advances and new technologies applied to cosmetics.

Today, there are many wonders in nature applied to cosmetics also new technologies that will make you feel younger, feel better about yourself inside-out, feel beautiful with your skin, age is not a number and is not about your skin is about the right and appropriate skin treatment.

We can find several skin care treatments in the market today, but one specially I am passionate about are serums, serums are especially formulated to penetrated faster into the skin for immediately result of the improvement of skin and of course psychological impact, the faster and better you see your skin feel smother, healthy and younger the sooner start feeling better about yourself and self- esteem will increase.

There are many ingredients that can be add to a serum, together we will discover all those ingredients and also ingredients that are beneficial for skin topically, can be beneficial as a beauty supplements for your body, many skin conditions can be treated inside-out, we are going to learn about how to have a beautiful skin, how take care our body and feel confident about ourselves.

My Storyeye 1

My passion for cosmetics and personal skin care start in my teens years back in my country Nicaragua where my grandmother was a big influence for me, who very passionate about cosmetics and perfumes, I remember growing up surrender of flowers in her garden where she used to plant Jasmine flowers and use them to created her own homemade perfume.

I remember her teaching about how start to taking our skin from early years and always be fanatic of every new cosmetics in the market at that time, and also her secrets of homemade natural skin treatments .

A blue colored birthmark under my right eye call it blue nevus make me to search all type of conceals and makeup to cover it, try to cover my skin imperfection make me always search for what it was new in the cosmetic industry.

Cosmetics are been changing over the years and new products are coming into the market and now we are more smart about what are we putting on our skin for this reason. I have decided to share with you what I am learning about these changes that can be good for improve our lifestyles, feel more healthy and reverse aging.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Searching for beauty and its means make me realize that beauty is how we feel about ourselves and how this old saying says beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a beautiful and healthy skin is enough for us to be beautiful.


Beauty is been aware and accept us how we are and by accepting and knowing our skin and its imperfection and knowing how treat them we will find the way to be happy we ourselves.

I want to help people to find their right skin treatment, encourage them to early skin and body care and prevent aging by presenting products in the market and together start this journey of a new world in cosmetics.

   Goals in my web-site        the scientist,dermatologist testing the organic natural product in the laboratory.research and development beauty skincare concept.blank package,bottle,container .cream,serum.

  • Attract audience that try to find the right skin care treatment; people search because they want to find the best options for them my web-site will provide options in the market as well some skin care advice.
  • Present quality cosmetics and beauty products and lifestyle routines; today cosmetics’ industry is changing for more organic and natural ingredients, and customers wants to know what they are putting on their skin because this also goes inside our bodies.
  • Encourage audience for early skin care for better results later in their life; earlier the better results if you want look younger later in life.
  • Start the challenge to reverse skin aging and body aging, this can be quite a challenge because eradicated lifestyles and habits is hard but a review in our lifestyle such as sun damage and free radicals in our skin or body can be guide to reverse aging.