” Eat leeks in March and wild garlic in May, and all after the physicians may play”

(Traditional Welsh Rhyme).

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

(Traditional American Rhyme)

Plants, herbs, flowers, roots and essential oils have been used as herbal medicines, since 5000 years ago all this is not old herbal medicines was the beginnings and foundations of moderns medicine. There are multiples uses of the actives components such as: antivirals, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, culinary herbs and spices specially in these times we can take the advantages of anti-viral properties in plants.

Viruses are one of the main hazards for both human and animals due to the use our bodies to change our metabolism to start making copies of their own genome and proteins is because diseases by viruses are difficult to block.

Viruses are unique in their mode of replication, which can be also easily targeted, viruses use specific enzymes to infect and replicate, whose inhibition could arrest their metabolism, meaning that substance can be created as inhibitor or already in existence in nature, for example the proteolytic enzyme promotes viruses maturation by separating the viral protein precursor whose inhibition will stop its maturation so the viruses metabolisms replication can be stopped by specific inhibitors.

Therefore, today in the times of novel covid-19, where the health authorities do not have a cure or vaccine, it is good idea to prevent from get sick from any other viruses known or any other diseases by eating food with antiviral properties and make our immunology system strong.

Plants with Antivirals Property

There are many plants actives that are very effective anti-viral for many viruses already known, for example one of them is the influenza virus, the influenza virus it is a single stranded RNA viruses with negative sense linear fragmented genome enclosed in a caps and it belongs to family orthomyxovivided and infects both mammals and birds.

Sixteen plants were identified which showed antiviral activity against influenza virus, Anthocyanin and polyphends, were among the commonly found active phytochemids in these plants.

  1. Camellia sinensis; it is an important herbal plant having significant antioxidant photochemoprotective, hyperglycemia, antibacterial and many other beneficial health benefits, catechin derivatives obtained from tea of this plant, should significant inhibitory effects on influenza strains.
  2. Cistus incanus; Posses the antiviral activity by modulating the viral surface in order to inhibit its entry into the cells inhibitory effect against influenza viral has also been reported in human patients.
  3. Echinacea purpurea; also restrict the viral receptors to the host cells surface.
  4. Geranium sanguineum; A rich source of polyphenols showed antiviral activity by affecting the expression of viral proteins on cell surface.

    “Wester medicine is trying to duplicate phytochemicals coming from plants such as: tannins, terpenoids, alkaloids and flavonoids, since many of these compounds are currently available as unregulated botanical preparations and their use by the public is increasing rapidly clinicians need consider the consequences of patients and self-medicating with preparations and laboratories in the world have found literally thoundsounds of phytochemicals which have inhibitory effects on all types of microorganisms in vitro but also more of these compounds studies to determine their effectiveness in the whole organism system.”


Cannabinoids and tempeners are portents small molecules that acting by biding and signaling as we know that viruses can react to some receptors in the cells inhibit the reproduction of the viruses through the G couple master protein receptors (GCPR) the GCPR network includes hundreds of receptors that interact to modulate extracellular cascade signaling network that are responsible for promoting cellular homeostasis or balance of cannabinoids, terpeners and hundreds of other phytochemicals interact through the network triggering different interactions.

Protecting us from inside

Now we know the potent antivirals are in plants and other herbs but pharmaceuticals need more studies make public their uses and while these companies make safe formulas for the public, we need to start to consume teas, infusions and simply by cooking with what we have available in our kitchen for example:

  • Honey; honey is one of the most potent antiviral food produce by bees so it is better buy it natural and pure, honey is good to fight respiratory.
  • Garlic; cooking with garlic give food a spectacular aroma and incredible taste and one of the most famous antiviral in the world your can consume as much as your want raw or in your favorite food.
  • Ginger; ginger is a potent antiviral with high concentration of compounds such as gingenol and zongeron that prevent the virus from replicating and affecting more health cells.
  • Oregano; its mayor compounds is carvacrol it is a great natural antiviral cooking with oregano not only gives a great flavor but also help for your health.

Rosemary from the mint family, antivirals and antioxidants, Torongil rich in polyphenols, tannis and flavonoids antiviral, analgesic, soothing, antioxidant, decongestant and expectorant functions, Mints is a famous home remedy with thymol decongestant, ideal for flu, colds and fever control, cinnamon anti fugal, antibacterial very strong use in teas in dessert, sprinkled on some food, fruits with vitamin “C” such as orange, pineapple, lemon, grapefruit and other citrus fruits good defenses against cold your can take in natural juices, Turmeric “sulfur of the indies” curcumoids polysacharides and essential oils antiinflamatory.

Products available to protect our bodies outside

The same way we protect our bodies inside taking anti- viral foods especially plants and herbs we can find products that we can use as lotions or serums with anti- viral compounds

AVLO Lotions; Neutralizes germs that are currently on your skin and germs that may touch later, it can be use daily, long-lasting and specially for bind germs in close contacts areas, also contains organic aloe, tea tree leaf extract and anti-oxidants to soothe and rejuvenate your skin.

Developed by leading virologist with their patented germ-block technology natural proteins, long-lasting barriers from germs without

Protein complex, immunoglobulin, organic camellia sinensis leaf extract tocophenol, castor oil, phanthenol.

Dermaglove hand science, glove like barriers, scented sanitize protects from harmful contact and restore dermal oil and lipids for hours. Dermaglove hand science is the first two in one sanitizing and PH balancing hand lotion, hand science infuses state of art skin supporting technology called invis-O- bond.

Healing glove-like-barriers that systematically reanimate the effects of overexposed and damage skin, while actively sanitizing the skin on contact.

Germ-bloc Benzalkonium chloride(BZK) 98 % natural ingredients plus 7 moisturizers, 6 botanical s extracts, 2 vitamins and antioxidants.

Tangerine vanilla

Nourishing with cocoa butter and Shea butter contains coconut oil, alcohol infused.

Ca-Rezz no rise antibacterial cream with the following characteristics, enriched with vitamin A, D and E reduce swelling while stimulating tissue regeneration and healing- non- greasy leaves skin and clothing clean and fresh, while adding comfort and protection.

Alcohol infused hand cream Cccount- Breeze, shield your hands 70% isopropyl Alcohol, Nourishing, with cocoa butter and Shea for dry hands, coconut oil.

Tea tree (antiseptic cream)

This antiseptic tea tree oil utilizes the antibacterial power of tea tree oil to treat dry or inflamed skin conditions for over forty years.

Melaleuca Alternifolia- antiseptic


Powerful plants with antibacterials aloe vera leaf juice, sunflowers oil, Shea nut butter, sucrose polystearate, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, lavender, mango seed oil and tea tree amount others.


Alcohol free hand lotion that sanitizes killing 99.99% of germs, contains 7 moisturizers, 6 botanical extracts and 2 vitamins up to 4 times as long as alcohol based hand sanitize rs.

Today wash our hands and keep clean is more important that ever to fight viruses and germs, covert our bodies and uses of disinfectants like Lysol and other sanitize are in our life every day why not make use of the properties of herbs and plants in an oil or serum to help fight viruses from inside-out.


Many plants are available in nature with antiviral compounds, mainly these plants target the enzymes that are involved in replication and integration of the virus into the cell.

Plants with antiviral actives restricted entry of viral particles into host cell or inhibition of viral replication into the host cells but still many plants need to be study in order to identify the actives phytochemicals against these viruses.

This does not mean that we can not use these actives in plants and food, we can easy utilize in tea, infusions or cooked in delicious food recipes.


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